13th Ave BMX Park, Regina, Saskatchewan

When the weather is so cold that your cheeks freeze, and all you can think of is adventuring, its time to reminisce and write a blog post about some epic fun! 

We had heard of the 13th Ave BMX Park in Regina, SK but hadn't checked it out. We were in Regina for the day and had bikes in the SUV from our weekend adventure at Wascana Trails and I thought, perfect timing, let's stop and check out this BMX park. We headed out 13th Ave and spotted it right away. It was a weekday and no one was around. My kids were pumped! We unloaded the bikes quickly and off they went. My son, on his Strider bike, and my daughter on her awesome Trek bike from Western Cycle. It was EPIC! I regretted not having my bike as I wanted to join in on the fun! The snow hit soon after this so we didn't get to go again but it is top on our list for spring 2020! 

The 13th Ave BMX Park is located at 5310 13th Avenue in Regina, SK. It is open to the public, for free, to ride at any time. They ask that you don't ride when the track is wet as it can cause damage to the track and cause it to be unsafe. Their club nights are currently Mondays and Thursdays from May to September (see details on their website) if you want to participate or watch. Or, if you're like us and just want to go ride on your own, check it out any other time!

Learn more on their website at www.13thavebmx.com .

Happy BMX riding!

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