Caterpillar Counting Math Craft

Count to 10 with this Caterpillar Counting Math Craft

This is a hands on math craft that allows your child to gain experience with numbers, counting, and sorting! 

- an egg carton
- paint
- 1 pipe cleaner, cut in half (for the antennae)
- glue
- stapler

1. Cut the lid off of an egg carton. Then cut the egg carton in half. You will now have two strips of 6. 

2. Staple the two strips together. You can keep your caterpillar 12 sections long to count to 12 or you can cut 2 off to make 10. 

3. Have your child paint and decorate the caterpillar. 

4. While the caterpillar body is drying, create your caterpillar's head. Cut out a circle of cardboard for the face. Draw / decorate the face. Then, using a hole punch or a needle, make a hole to put the antennae on. Use a half of a pipe cleaner for each antennae. Assemble the antennae.

6. Once your caterpillar egg carton is completely dry, glue the face on using craft glue or a hot glue gun.

7. Start your activity. 

Activity 1:

- Set out numbers 1-10 in a mixed order (you can write them on small pieces of paper or use a number set). 

- Have your child arrange the numbers 1-10 in order in the caterpillar. Provide assistance as required. 

- Once your child has mastered numbers 1 to 5 or 1-10, practice counting out each number. Using a math manipulative (i.e. small objects used for counting like gems, beads, beans, cheerios, etc.), have your child count the number of manipulatives to match the number. Provide assistance as needed, such as pointing to each object as the child counts. 

- You can also do this activity counting down from 10 to 0. 

- Repeat and play with numbers and your cute caterpillar!

Additional Activities:

- You may also like to put out a variety of manipulatives such as beads of different colors and have your child sort the objects by color, shape or size into the different parts of the caterpillar.

- Read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle.


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