Create your own wormery and learn about worms and soil

Spring has arrived and we're preparing our garden beds for planting. We enjoy observing many different insects in our garden and are always excited to see worms. We have studied worms and know their importance in soil health. We're planning to make a vermi-compost (worm composting) bin this spring as well and had researched different wormeries. Then I saw this wonderful free download from Tanglewood Hollow. We made our wormery today and are on the lookout for worms while gardening. Once we find a few worms, we will add them into our wormery, wrap our jar with black paper when not observing them, and see the changes they make within our wormery. 

- jar or vase
- pebbles
- sand
- soil
- leaf or plant matter
- worms

You can download the free printable here for detailed instructions.

Photo above from "Nature Anatomy" by Julia Rothman

We will update this blog post in a few weeks once our worms have been at work in the wormery!

Happy spring everyone!

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