Daily Rhythm

Expansion and contraction and loving connection structures our days. This is our family’s daily rhythm that I thought I’d share if you’re looking to establish family rhythm as our lives shift.

The most important thing is to let the day flow naturally. Let the rhythm guide your day and not the clock. Rest as needed and wake naturally when possible. Let your meals bring you together to connect and talk. Let love and joy guide you. If something isn’t working, drop it and return to it later with fresh eyes and an open heart.

Household skills are essential to life. Include your children in chores and meals; work alongside one another. Sweep together, fold clothes together, make the beds - sing and dance and chat as you do these things. Bake and cook and answer all of their questions - even if it’s to say, I’m not sure, let’s look it up. Living is learning.

Let this time at home be a nurtured time, a blessing to bring closeness and to really see and hear one another. This is also a time to be mindful of our emotions and what we are carrying as often this is projected onto our familial relationships. So if you feel stressed, take care of yourself. Go for a walk together, look at photos, have a hot cup of tea, rest.... we can model for our children how to care for ourselves in uncertain and difficult times. These are important life lessons.

Enjoy one another. Love. Love. Love. And, nurture, yourself and your loved ones. Much love to each of you! Tag or share this with someone who needs to hear this and may need a little guidance to find a new loving daily rhythm. 

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