Geology and a Rock Cycle Experiment

Geology and the rock cycle are science topics that we are covering this year in our homeschool studies! Along with lots of field trips and rock collecting, we’ve been reading books about rocks and the rock cycle and completed an experiment demonstrating the rock cycle. 

We first tried with crayon shavings (see excerpt from book for instructions) then upgraded to beeswax sheets.

The kids laid down layers of sediments (each beeswax layer) then used pressure and weight to compress the sediments into sedimentary rock.

Then we created heat and pressure by squeezing our rocks with our warm hands to form metamorphic rocks.

Then the heat of the Earth’s centre (aka the oven) melted the rock into magma! Once this magma escaped to the surface (i.e. taken out of the oven), it slowly cooled and turned into a solid igneous rock! 

Now what will happen to these igneous rocks? Will they undergo erosion and start forming a sedimentary rock? Will they be heated and undergo pressure to form a metamorphic rock? Time will tell!

Have fun learning about the rock cycle!

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