Mindfulness and Guided Meditation Story Time

Feelings are messages from our body asking us to pay attention to what is happening within and around us. I invite you to join me for a story time about feelings, mindfulness, and a guided meditation. I invite you to savour the feelings that fill you with a sense of calm, belonging, self love, and pride. I also invite you to take notice of and feel those emotions that may be more difficult - fear, anger, overwhelm, uncertainty, and frustration. All of these emotions are messages asking us to feel, reflect, and release.  

I have recorded a story time that acknowledges many of the feelings we all experience daily. We will read two books, "In My Heart: A Book of Feelings" by Jo Witek and "I am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness" by Susan Verde, and end with a guided meditation.



Ideas for Self Care and Reflection:

- Nature walks - Take in your surroundings and be present with the beauty around you.

- Music - Music can be very soothing. I made a playlist on Spotify titled “Kindred Kids Music” that is very helpful to me to come back to a grounded, calm, peaceful, positive place. 

- Water - Water soothes in many forms such as: baths; swimming; sitting by a lake, ocean, or creek; or a hot cup of tea or cocoa.

- Naps and cuddles - Find a calm, warm, cozy, safe place to just be. Just allow yourself to rest. 

- Reading - Reading provides a time for calmness, stillness, expansion of the mind, and reflection.

- Meditation - You can complete the guided meditation in the story time above, listen to meditation music, or use a meditation app such as Simple Habit. We use this free app often, for sleep sounds and guided meditations. 

There are many other mindfulness and self care options including journaling, drawing, colouring, singing, dance, yoga, baking, gardening, various exercises and anything else that makes your soul come alive or feel well. 

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Love and light to you all!

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