Winter Adventure Bucket List

Happy New Year! We wish you a wonderful 2020 and hope that you enjoy many adventures this year! We have made our Winter Bucket List to inspire us to always keep adventuring! What are your favourite outdoor winter activities? Have you checked off all of these winter activities?

Outdoor Winter Adventure Bucket List:

  1. Go tobogganing
  2. Catch snowflakes on black paper to see their intricate designs
  3. Hike winter trails
  4. Have a bonfire
  5. Decorate a tree outdoors with holiday lights
  6. Go on a twinkle tour and see all of the holiday lights
  7. Follow animal tracks in the snow
  8. Make a list of all the animals you see throughout the winter
  9. Go for an evening stargazing walk
  10. Hang a birdfeeder and bird watch
  11. Make a list of all of the birds you see throughout the winter
  12. Go on a winter nature hunt
  13. Build a snowman
  14. Make a snow angel
  15. Go ice skating
  16. Blow bubbles and watch them freeze
  17. Snowshoe and explore a new place
  18. Make a snow maze or labyrinth
  19. Draw designs and write your name in the snow
  20. Make maple syrup snow treats (gather fresh snow in bowls and pour maple syrup over top)
  21.  Have a snowball fight
  22. Ski or snowboard
  23. Attend a winter festival
  24. Go ice fishing
  25. Shovel a neighbour’s sidewalk or driveway
  26. Catch snowflakes on your tongue
  27. Have a snow picnic
  28. Go geocaching
  29. Create a backyard obstacle course
  30. Enjoy a hot chocolate while you stroll around your neighbourhood

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