Saskatchewan Science Centre

The Saskatchewan Science Centre is located in the beautiful Wascana Centre Park in Regina, Saskatchewan. When you arrive at the science centre, there is a science play ground located outside the building that is free for public enjoyment. Nearby are a skateboard park, candy cane park and playground, trails, and Wascana Lake. Inside the building you will find the science centre on three floors and then the IMAX theatre on the other side of the building.

Excerpt: “The Saskatchewan Science Centre is a non-profit, non-governmental educational facility with the mission of igniting scientific curiosity in Saskatchewan communities through interactive, dynamic, and engaging opportunities. Our vision of the future, in fulfilling that mission, is inspired minds through science and innovation.” There are over 180 interactive permanent exhibits that are fun to explore!

    The science centre is a great addition to Regina and area. For our family, the hands on science activities and stage shows keep us returning frequently. The kids enjoy playing throughout the centre and the various activities keep us engaged. There is a beautiful sunny room near the entrance that is a great spot for snacks and lunch time so we often pack lunches and head there mid morning. We explore for awhile then take a break and soak up the sunshine and warmth while eating lunch. Then we head to the MakerSpace to do the STEAM activity of the week. There are often 2-3 stage shows during our visit as well. So it’s a great mix of free play and exploration and more structured activities and presentations. In the warmer months, after our visits we often go for a walk in the park or to Candy Cane Park playground. It’s a beautiful area of Regina to explore!

    The science centre offers many programs including day camps, birthdays, facility rentals, field trips, and more. The programming I am going to cover and review in this article includes:

    1. Science Time for Tots
    2. STEAMcity MakerSpace
    3. Stage Shows

    Each day, the science centre offers a variety of different stage shows that are included with your admission. The schedule changes daily. When you arrive they have the day’s schedule on screens and white board so you can plan out your visit or you can call ahead to see what’s on the schedule. 

    1. Science Time for Tots: most Tuesdays from 1030-11 AM

      This program is designed for younger children to explore science topics with their parents. The science leader talks about and demonstrates a topic (static electricity, magnetism, solids, liquids and gases, etc.). The activities are hands on and children are able to do most of the activities independently. For example, for one of the activities the science leader discussed solids, liquids, and gases and then we mixed liquid and solid ingredients to make play dough snowman. The schedule, with activity descriptions, is included on the science centre website. This program is about 30 minutes in length and free with admission. 

      2. STEAMcity MakerSpace: Noon to 3 Daily

        The STEAMcity (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) MakerSpace at the Saskatchewan Science Centre is located on the third floor. This program runs daily from Noon to 3PM and offers new STEAM activities each week. The schedule, with activity descriptions, is included on the science centre website. This is a come and go program during these hours so you can drop in when it best fits into your schedule. Most activities take about 30 minutes. This is offered free with admission. 

        The activities have varied from circuit Halloween cards, pixel art (using perler beads to make an ornament), chemical reaction key chains, to launching paper airplanes.


        3. Stage Shows: schedule changes daily

          Stage shows are offered daily on the second floor Space Stadium stage. The shows are quite engaging and allow the audience to participate. We have seen many of the stage shows, including:

          Blood and Guts Show: This show is not as gory as it sounds! Using a model of the internal anatomy of a human, you get to explore some of the body’s systems including the lungs, digestive system including the intestines (how long are they really?), and what blood is made of and what it does for our body.

          Cryogenics Show: All about solids, liquids, gases!

          Space Show: All about gravity, astronauts and space! You will even get to compete with a friend to blast off rockets, using a Stomp Rocket


          Static Show: We have seen this show a number of times and the kids still love it and often perform it at home! This show experiments with static electricity and makes your hair stand up! Kids will get to experiment with horseshoe magnets, protons, electrons, and neutrons, and see static electricity in action. 


          Superheroes of Sustainability: Learn about sustainability and how to protect the environment with the superpowers of fire, earth, air, and water.
          We have yet to see the following shows, but will update when we do! 

           Cotton Candy Show: Explores how we taste, the different kinds of taste and what sugar is. 

           Fire Show: the fire triangle – fuel, oxygen, and gas 

           Scales and Tails Show: Explores the food web and what different animals eat.


          The Membership fees for an annual pass are very affordable. A Family Membership for two adults and up to 4 children is $99 + GST. Not only does this get you in to the Saskatchewan Science Centre but also many other science centres and museums throughout the world. I have spoken with people that bought the membership as the annual membership was cheaper than a single admission to some of the other centres that they visit, which are now included as part of their Saskatchewan Science Centre Membership. 

          Detailed admission prices and programming details are available on their website at:

          We hope this overview and review is helpful to you! Have any questions? Leave a comment below or contact us!

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