Wascana Centre Habitat Conservation Area, Regina, SK

After exploring the McKell Wascana Conservation Park in Regina, SK in the morning, we drove a few minutes to Wascana Centre's Habitat Conservation Area (HCA) to continue our adventures. This 23 acre parcel of land is protected for wildlife conservation.

We were able to observe many species of waterbirds, waterfowl, and songbirds and we've been told that there are many western painted turtles here too!

Before you go, read through and/or print the "Habitat Conservation Area, A Self Guided Tour" document. It guides you as you walk along the trail to stop at the 12 markers to learn more about the area, including the history, wildlife, and conservation information.


Once inside, we walked the 1 km loop and enjoyed the views of Wascana Lake and the city. You can see the University of Regina, downtown Regina, the legislative building, Saskatchewan Science Centre and much more!

Wascana Centre has also developed Interactive Tour Activities for the HCA, such as observing turtles and birds and pond dipping which can be found at: https://wascana.ca/nature-in-wascana/habitat-conservation-area---interactive-tour-activities

This conservation area is located in the heart of Wascana Park but is a little tricky to get too, so below I have included an insider video of where to park, how to find the gate, and a view of the trails within the Habitat Conservation Area.  


This is another gem tucked right into the city! Enjoy!


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