Winter Nature Hunt: Experience with all your senses!

Happy Winter Solstice! 

To celebrate winter, head out for a winter nature hunt! Using your five senses, see how many things you can feel, hear, see, smell and taste!

Take a walk around your community, to your local park, or on a nearby trail.  Dress warm and pack your adventure bag with some water or warm drinks, snacks, a copy of ACORN's nature hunt check list, a pencil, and any extras you'd like (binoculars, nature journal, camera, extra mittens). Enjoy a beautiful day with family and friends!

Click here to print off your free copy! If you head out, snap some photos and tag  @acornecoliving on Instagram for a feature in our stories!

Photos by Amy Sanderson: Adventuring at Wascana Trails, SK in December 2019


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